2021 ANDY Awards - Shortlisted
2021 ANDY Awards - Gold

80% of people with autism struggle with auditory sensory overload. Bose's noise-cancelling technology serves as the gateway to overcoming barriers and achieving dreams

Notes from the editor (& stats for nerds)

Editing a project shot on the Arri Alexa Mini is no small task. The files are not only massive due to their high resolution, but also because of the incredible color depth in each frame. Thus, this project required a workhorse. Luckily, I had built just the machine to handle this job. From ingesting and logging all the way to online and delivery, I was able to move this project through the entire post-production workflow thanks to my years of freelance work (and now professional work) as an editor.

Raw Footage Edited


Rounds of Revisions
Avg. CPU Temp
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